My previous NL website (the American is now, April 2017, divided into two new sites of which this one (Thailaworks) is the site with lots of miniature art works made of artificial clay (polymer clay, fimo and sculpey clay) and other materials. is where you will find the most beautiful illustrations of children books, special books, old-fashioned scraps, fairytales sites, seasonal feasts like Christmas and Easter and lots more.

My Thaila works are lovely little pieces to put on your bureau desk, mantelpiece, cupboards, typecases for your tiny treasures or the window frame. How about an original present? The pieces are small, varying from 1 (0.39 inch) to 7 centimeters (2,76 inch). 1 inch is 2,5 centimeters. I have put either a match or a dice next to it so you can get an idea of how 'big' they are. The exact sizes are given in centimeter.

Mind you, every piece is UNIQUE, one of a kind. None is the same because the moment you order a little work of art, I will make it at once and it will always be a bit different from the original you see here. If you find something you would like, just send an email to and I'll contact you. Or you have a comment? Just write it down in my Guestbook :-)

The works are divided into several themes: Fairies, Winterland, Summer fruit, Mushrooms, Thaila boxes, Mobiles, Babies, Bakery Thaila, Dioramas, Easter, Earrings and Fair sweets. All clickable on top and down here.
When the pieces are small, I'll be able to send them by letterbox post. But when they don't fit the letterbox, I will have to send it to you by parcel post. See the ratings for the Dutch postal fares here.

Enjoy all my little works of art, I love making them!

Nicki Bullinga/Thaila Works 

This is where you can admire adorable works of art in snow. Little snowmen on christal snow, merry snowmen who do whatever they like, Christmas earrings, Christmas sweets and cakes, Christmas dioramas and a lot more!

Rainbow mobiles hanging from branches, so jolly. Also ideal as a present for a new baby or nursery, or in your own room.

Do you remember those old-fashioned shadow boxes from the early days, called dioramas? Beautiful, in a box like that you knew there were treasures to be found, all you had to do was look at it from all angles. Now we know it as 3-D, then it was plain discovery with all those details.

Bakeries have something magical: from a blob of dough the most delicious bread is baked with a tremendous smell that keeps following you. Baguettes, Kaiserbrötchen, rustic bread, white bread, croissants... yummie!


Whether they be ice cream earrings or made like mushrooms, dollies or little snowmen - see Winterland - strawberries of candy floss, you'll find the nicest earrings right here. See the new large Earrings!


Off to the fair! Will we take a ride in the rollercoaster, the merry-go-round, the bumper cars, the swings or the shooting galleries? Small coins for the stall with candy canes, nougat, licorice-balls, toffee-apples, lollipops, cotton candy or barley sugar. I think I'll go for the fun fair stall...

If you look carefully, you might find an inhabitated mushroom, where a gnome or dwarf lives. Or you'll find pixies reading their books. Either the pixies live there, or the mushroom are chairs for them, or they serve as shelters for the rain. No matter how or what, mushrooms and pixies, they're inseparable.

Fairies... who doesn't love them? Especially the fairies from my youth are simply the most beautiful creatures ever. I like making small fairies as I remember them :-) 

Small, medium and large matchboxes, covered with old-fashioned scraps from long ago. You'd want to light a candle with these special matchboxes right away. 

Tiny little baby's can be found in different things: in flowers, walnuts, fairy flowers, shells and cradles. 

A merry feast with chocolate Easter eggs, Easter Bunnies, chickens and lots of baskets filled with yummy Easter eggs. Especially those Easter eggs are great, they are so colourful and cheerful!

Nice red and green apples in baskets; bananas, whole or skinned, laying in bins with plums, peaches, coconuts and oranges: a healthy refreshment any time of the day.


Unique Summer lamps shine their light through windows and doors on sultry evinings. How good is that!